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Direct Draw Dashboard

A version of the "mother-product" that is not based on users' invoices. It allows business's, that don't use an online accounting software to document their business, to use Fundbox's product.

Upon entering the dashboard, we want the user to see 2 things - the amount of available credit and the ways they can choose how to draw upon that credit.
There are up to 4 set options, 1/4 of the amount of the total available credit, 1/2 of the total, the full amount and a free type choice.

An example of how the set box would react. Hover and focus would make the button invert colors, the amount emphasized and while a valid amount would display a calculation of the fees, an invalid amount will display an error message.

Choosing an amount to draw would open a side pane containing the amount set, an option to add a memo for future reference and details of the repayment plan.

Active repayment plans would appear in a table containing information such as amount drawn, next payment amount, progress of payments, total amount left to be repaid and an option to repay early and finalize the repayment on a any specific draw.

Made for Fundbox

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