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Funding Institutional For: Elsevier

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The product

Funding Institutional allows research administrators in academic institutions world wide to search for funding opportunities for their research staff members and to asses the funding landscape by analysing past awards and funding agencies data, according to profile recommendations and other filters and taxonomies.

Supporting release

Upon joining the team the product was close to release, while onboarding I was supporting the development with last minute requirements, and the communications with customers through sales, marketing and customer consultants to manage the migration and acquisition  of new prospects.

Feature development

After the release we immediately started working on new features. The backlog was full with ideas based on competition and previous-research based assumptions. I developed an interview pattern that was always made of 3 parts:
1. How do experience the product now?

2. Did you use the recently released feature?

3. Feedback for future feature development


Editors can also add notes to an existing funding opportunity, containing internal details for the institution's contact person, internal application deadlines and downloadable files.


Users assigned with Editor role are have access to create internal funding opportunities. Those can be saved as draft and published for restricted view by the users of the creator's institutional account.


User flow mapping for the Internal Opportunities feature


An Admin, in addition to creating and editing content, can also manage the roles and permissions of the registered users of that specific account.

Made for Elsevier

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