As a UXer I often feel like "the great mediator of the Tech World" ^___^ It's about making sure the business gets what it needs from the users to continue growing, the engineers not having to do inefficient wasteful work and the users completing their tasks swiftly and expectedly. It feels pretty good being so powerful ;-)

(I wrote this website by myself, which is why it looks so... special... on mobile, and maybe other screens as well #sorrynotsorry)

Here are some of the projects I've been working on in the past few years:

Saved houses

Funda, 2023 A screenshot of the new dashboard-style design for the Saved Houses feature on the housing platform: funda.

Funder Labs & The Fragment Factory

Elsevier, 2021 screenshots of 3 different graph types overlapping

The Editor Role

Elsevier, 2018 2 screenshots side by side showing a funding search tool and settings-type modal

Fundbox Payments

Fundbox, 2017 A screenshot of a line graph showing payments over time

Fundbox Dashboard

Fundbox, 2015 A mobile screenshot of an invoice payment over a screenshot of a desktop dashboard design.
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