Hi! I am Esti Murik.

I moved to Amsterdam in late 2017. I didn't see myself stay and now I can't see myself leave.
Everything is beautiful.
And I love dogs.

As for the rest of me - I am a visual communicator by training and a UX warrior by experience (of almost 20 years). I love digging to identify problems, think of solutions and make pixel and concept perfect designs that are driven by users' behaviour, data, and goals. I enjoy improving products to be better as they develop, as user capacity changes and as times progress. Understanding users, empathising with their needs and getting to predict their actions are written on my flag. I love working in teams, having others scratch my brain, learning from whoever crosses my path and find compromises that get us all moving forward together - all in the name of a better, sustainable and valuable product.

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A 4 year-old Esti photographed from the back while sitting on the floor during a summer day, holding a small puppy named Chompi