Saved houses

Funda, 2023
Improving an existing feature - saving listings, on "Funda", the biggest housing platform in the Netherlands.

The old version of the feature didn't get a lot of traffic. While there was no real way for us to determine the exact reason for the lack of engagement, we still believed in a form of that feature to increase our connection with the users. To be able to learn what they like and are looking for, and then - how we can help them further. Since we couldn't prove that the visual aspect was the key, we took on this project on a few fronts: A visual improvement, new functionalities and increased visibility (entry points, links, etc.).

Identifying Problems

The old design had some straight forward issues: Each listing took a lot of vertical space, it was both too detailed and too generic for the users, it was unclear what some buttons do, plus some buggy interactions. A screenshot of listing rating dashboard with a watermark over it saying


We started interviewing people who were actively searching to buy a house.
A few key learnings were: A screenshot of a zoomed-out view of an online whiteboard filled with tens of tables and flowcharts A bar graph showing the amount of saved listings per user


We prioritised a few first solutions that we'll be able to start small with and potentially improve over time as we reassess their performance as we go: Screenshots of a modern design of the saved houses dashboard with a modal and a comparison view A screenshot of the details page of a saved house with a new design for the added details A bigger view of the improved design for the saved houses dashboard Back to top